The Best Closest Photoshop alternatives for iPad Top 2 Best Photo Editors For iPad

Here Is The Best Alternatives To Adobe Photoshop cc

The Best Closest Photoshop alternatives for iPad Top 2 Best Photo Editors For iPad

    Adobe Photoshop Is The Favourite App For Some Photographers But Are you looking for ways to work with PSD files or edit photos on your iPad and you don't have that Creative Cloud subscription? Well in this video I'm going to show you my top alternatives to Photoshop on the iPad Pro. Welcome to the video. Now if you're into design or video production consider subscribing to the channel because that's what we're all about. Now if you own an iPad and you're looking for ways to either edit PSDs or kind of have that Photoshop experience on the go with your iPad and you can't afford the Creative Cloud membership or you just don't like using it then I'm gonna show you my best alternatives for Photoshop for the iPad. I've got two premium paid versions and I think the last one is really going to surprise you. Now if you've used Photoshop for the iPad before you'll know it's pretty good but it even has some elements which are missing from the desktop version such as custom brushes, so some of these apps may be the answer for you. So before we jump in I know some of you are probably thinking "hang on" I didn't even know Photoshop existed for the iPad! If you didn't know that and you want to see our full review of Photoshop for the iPad you can click up here and see that review. Photoshop for the iPad is pretty good, however it is missing some features So anyway let's jump into our first pick for your first alternative to Photoshop on the iPad. 

    1.Best Photoshop Alternative : Affinity Photo 

    The Best Closest Photoshop alternatives for iPad Top 2 Best Photo Editors For iPad

    Affinity Photo (iPad - $19.99)

    Okay so the first app is called affinity photo now whilst this is the most expensive app I'm gonna recommend to you at 19.99 I think for that one-off payment this is a seriously good app it has a desktop app and an iPad app and all of the features on the desktop version are available in the iPad version it's so good you can clone there's got brushes it's got unlimited layer support support for CMYK so if you're into print design then this is the app for you so let's jump into it.

    How To Use First Photoshop alternative

    Okay so let's open up the Affinity photo now what I like about this app is that it really feels like a fully functional desktop app it doesn't feel like a mobile app that's been made for the iPad so what we can do here let's import from cloud again let's and put that same thumbnail that we were working on in Photoshop on the desktop and you can see here it's brought it in absolutely perfectly you've got unlimited layers in a finished photo and I think that's really really good if you're a kind of a Photoshop person that uses thousands or hundreds of layers this is the app to go for you know I'm just kind of creating thumbnails improving photos things like that so quite basic stuff but it's great that you've got it here you can see it's brought in the fonts as they should be we can't of edit the fonts here we can select objects and move each one around independently all the things you would expect on a Photoshop replacement and you've got loads and loads of type of typography options you can import new fonts it's absolutely tons of fonts already installed on the program which is really really great to see and then from a UI perspective.

    Why I like is that you have different personas up here on the top corner sorry the top left hand corner of the screen now what a persona is essentially is a way of a sort of simplifying a workspace so you can see here it doesn't look like there's that many tools down the side here but that's because we're in just one persona if we change this you can see we're now in the selections persona and all of the tools now change to selection tools and then if we go to liquify you'll see this now changes to a liquid liquify persona and then we can manipulate with the Apple pencil the iPad screen here you can see we pull that in and it's just so fast you know there's no lag in this program whatsoever you can also work with CMYK which i think is a really really great feature so let's create a new project here new document and as you can see here versus color mode a lot of other apps for the iPad such as Pixelmator and even photoshop do not support CMYK this does so if you work on print if you're working on packaging you can now do this within affinity photo directly within the iPad it just has great selection of brushes as well you can see here you can scroll through you've got drawing your spray paint texture brushes everything that you would want and expect from a Photoshop alternative basically it's really worth delving into there is quite steep learning curve of this because if you've never used it before it's a little bit different from Photoshop however I think if you've used Photoshop before you'll find this quite satisfying to use and they reall used the iPad screen to its best ability it looks absolutely fantastic so that's affinity photo and I think if you're using Photoshop on a daily basis and you really need that full selection of tools then out of the four I think this is probably the best one Photoshop alternative but the next one I think is going to surprise you.

    Fee Photoshop Alternatives Free Photo Editing Softwear

    2.The Best Photoshop alternative for use: Pixelmator Pro

    The Best Closest Photoshop alternatives for iPad Top 2 Best Photo Editors For iPad

    Pixelmator Pro (iPad - $4.99)

    Ok so the Second app is called Pixelmator and it costs just 4.99 okay so lets open up Pixelmator . What's great about this is you can import PSD files and I'm gonna do that now.

    How To Use Next Adobe Photoshop alternative

    So let's import thumbnail which we're gonna use for this video this is a PSD file created in Photoshop on the desktop and you can see what's great here you've got all the layers you've got the option to just color so let's say we want to adjust the background color here you've got the sort of tool section here we can adjust the colors there and then we've got some really nice just simple fast ways to adjust colors brightness all the kind of things you would expect from a photoshop alternative let's apply that you have options at the top here to paint an eraser if you want to get rid of any blemishes and photos you can do that you can retouch you can just or you can add effects crop all of the basic tools you would expect in Photoshop and I think this is so powerful it's so fast you've got options for fonts you've got different backgrounds you can put images and bring those on let's just bring this bottle of spider spray.

    Here you can see how quick it is as we zoom in and out I'm just gonna delete that and then this text has been brought in from Photoshop so this is one of the only problems is that sometimes the fonts don't pull in the same fonts font Photoshop but we can now change this to a different fonts if we go up here you'll see when you go back to the formatting option now I've selected this text you can now alter all of the options for the text here so we can change this font and that's changing to say did an alternative and you can see the phone it's changed there it's all looking pretty good okay so that's Pixelmator is best photoshop alternative for the iPad now it's pretty good as you can see the only downside is that I sometimes find when I bring in PSD files that already have layer text in them they don't always work as I would expect and sometimes I have to kind of delete the texts that is already there and then just re-enter it it's not a huge thing to work around but it's definitely worth noting it.

    The Best Closest Photoshop alternatives for iPad Top 2 Best Photo Editors For iPad The Best Closest Photoshop alternatives for iPad Top 2 Best Photo Editors For iPad Reviewed by Photo Editors on July 09, 2020 Rating: 5

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